Virtually everyone has a Facebook account. It is our way to keep up with our friends: keep them up-to-date and to stay up-to-date with them. We joyfully announce our successes and mournfully proclaim our set-backs. While it is fun to post photos of yourself on Facebook or be tagged in photos posted by others, as well as to rave about a new love (whether it be a person or an object like a car), this sort of sharing can be very detrimental in court in a family law matter.

Here are some ways to minimize the damage:

  1. Change your password. Immediately. Trust no one with the new password. No one.
  2. Stop using Facebook as a public therapy session. Like all e-mail, Facebook can be discovered during the litigation process and can have devastating effects. You can never really understand all of the people who have access to your page through friends and family.
  3. Stop bragging and venting on-line. No Facebook, No Twitter, No MySpace, No Chat Rooms. Get a good lawyer and a good therapist.