Maybe this is a “thanks Captain Obvious” moment, but it is better for you if you do not do things in your custody case to make the Judge angry.

What kinds of things make the Judge angry in trial?

Here’s our top five:
1. Interrupt the judge when he or she is talking. Even though you think you are the star of the show when you are on the witness stand, you are not. There is one supreme ruler in the courtroom and it ain’t you, my friend.

2. Chew gum while you are on the witness stand. You don’t even have to blow bubbles.

3. Don’t remove your John Deere cap (for the gentlemen) or wear flip flops and a very revealing top (for the ladies).

4. Refuse to answer the question that was asked and talk about whatever it is that you think the judge needs to know, particularly after having been admonished to “just answer the question that was asked by the Judge.

5. Rolling your eyes in an exaggerated fashion, making audible comments or other noises while someone else is testifying or, better yet, combining one or both of those with furiously writing notes to your attorney and then rattling the paper vigorously to get your attorney’s attention.