The starting point for a change in child support is that there must have been a change in circumstances since the last order regarding child support so as to make the terms of that order regarding child support unreasonable.

These changes may be in the income of either or both parents, the circumstances of the child as far as the need for childcare, the child starting college and living away from home or a change in the health or educational status of the child creating extraordinary needs and expenses

If the child support in the prior order was determined in accordance with Form 14 (the presumed amount of child support), a change in the presumed amount of child support of 20% or greater is presumed to establish a substantial and continuing change in circumstances sufficient to support a modification of the child support. If the Form 14 was followed in the previous order and there is not a 20% change in the presumed amount of child support, a modification of child support is still possible, but it will be difficult.