The reasons to deny a request by an adult to legally change his or her name are:
1. Your name has previously been legally changed. This is not an automatic denial, it is just a reason that the judge may say no. Repeated requests to change one’s name without some rational basis for doing so may raise a red flag.

2. There are judgments against you ordering you to pay money to another person or business that have not been paid (satisfied).

3. The change requested will be detrimental to another person (such as if you seek to change your name to the same name as another person.

Judges are generally very lenient about name changes: I have seen someone change his middle name to “Shaka Zulu”, another change his first name to 7 (yes, the numeral 7) and yet another change her first name to “Summer” because it was her favorite season and her last name to the name of her favorite city to visit.