Need Auto Insurance? Now is the Time to Shop!


With almost 200 companies offering auto insurance, Missouri’s auto insurance market is at the height of competition. An informed consumer can easily take advantage of the current market and find the best coverage, rates, and lower premiums.


In order to help Missourians make the best insurance decisions, the Missouri Department of Insurance has just released its new auto insurance guide, which makes navigating the world of auto insurance much simpler! This guide is aimed at first time auto insurance buyers and provides a wealth of information to help these first-timers understand all that they need to know about purchasing auto insurance.


Even more veteran insurance purchasers could benefit from this guide. It offers detailed information about state-minimum coverage, filing claims, who is covered under each policy and more.  The guide even includes helpful worksheets to identify the best coverage and lists important questions everyone should ask their insurance agent before buying.


The guide, along with helpful videos, can be found at


Happy Shopping!