There is a new way for parents who do live together to communicate that provides a better record for court than endless copies of e-mails that have to be read from back to front and screen shots of text messages.

Talking Parents ( is essentially free (a complete record of the conversation is available as a PDF for $3.99) and when the Court orders parents to use Talking Parents exclusively for non-emergency communications about their children (instead of private e-mail, text messages, telephone or face-to-face conversations), a lot of the hostility and anger is filtered out (who wants to look like a raging idiot on paper to the judge).  The savings in legal fees can be significant when Talking Parents is used – no more paralegal time making certain that an e-mail chain is complete or a series of screenshots of text messages includes the entire conversation.

For parents with minimal trust and an inability to communicate effectively about small issues (e.g., can I pick Johnny up 15 minutes early so he can surprise his grandmother at the airport)  Talking Parents can greatly reduce stress and perhaps even begin to reframe how parents communicate about their children and issues affecting their children.