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Dear Reader,

“If you’re gonna play in the major leagues, you’d better learn how to hit a fast ball.” As a young lawyer, new to family law practice, I was given that advice by a senior partner. In the more than two decades since, I have followed it. I do family law – divorce, modification, custody, support – I don’t do wills or collections or criminal defense.

Just because there are forms for “do it yourself divorce” at the courthouse it doesn’t mean that you should use them. And just because there is a form for figuring the presumed amount of child support available on the internet, that number is not necessarily appropriate in your case. After all, just because your vehicle manual is available on the internet doesn’t mean that you should fix your own airbags. Ted Williams was perhaps the greatest hitter ever to play the game, but a marginal manager.

Hi, my name is Leigh Joy Carson and I’d like to welcome you to The Carson Law Firm, Family Law Attorneys web site.   Our practice is devoted exclusively to family legal matters, including St. Louis divorce law, child custody, maintenance, child support, modification, adult abuse and child orders of protection.   We have over twenty years of combined experience as St. Louis divorce lawyers and in family law.  We are licensed in Missouri, and practice in St. Louis County and the city of St. Louis.   This site is intended to give you some basic information about our firm and St. Louis family law.  Because every situation is unique, you’re invited to call us at 314-721-2422 to make an appointment to discuss your circumstances.

Our family attorneys are knowledgeable, aggressive and compassionate.  But we refuse to “tell you what you want to hear” simply to obtain or keep your business.  You need honest information and advice to make decisions based on the facts for a St. Louis divorce, the law, and the probabilities of the outcome you wish.  We will estimate the costs of various options with you before proceeding, as we understand that financial limitations are a reality in many family law situations.

The Carson Law Firm understands that to effectively serve you in your St. louis divorce or child custody case, we must provide a vast network of professionals in the St. Louis area and beyond.  Professionals like counselors, coaches, custody evaluators, accountants, business valuators and appraisers may be needed as we work through your case.  Sometimes our clients already have a relationship with these partners, and other times we help them select an appropriate person for their unique situation.

Experienced St. Louis Divorce Lawyers & Family Attorneys

We have extensive trial experience in all sorts of cases, including divorce, child support, child custody, mediation, legal guardianship and appeals.  Our St. louis divorce lawyers understand the intensity and complexity of emotional family court cases, especially when it comes to conflict related to child custody and assets.  Our law firm has been involved in a number of ground-breaking cases, including one where a non-biological parent received joint custody and another where a non-biological parent received substantial visitation.

Legal matters involving you and your family are stressful and difficult.  Whether yours is a divorce case, or one that deals with child custody or support, it is important that you choose a lawyer who will go the extra mile for your case.  We commit to client service through our communication.  We keep you informed by sending copies of all incoming and outgoing correspondence and court papers to you and responding promptly to all telephone calls and e-mail messages.  Our attorneys are backed by a dedicated staff, committed to superior client service.

We have never been afraid to do the cases that are off the beaten track.

I have successfully filed and defended cases brought under The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Kidnapping.

In one case, a child was permitted to remain here in the United States (born in England, he held Russian and Dutch passports) and in another, a father gained the right to return his child (a dual citizen of Cyprus and the United States) to Cyprus.

I worked with a client to strategize gaining the return of her children to the United States from a Palestinian controlled area of Israel, a territory with no laws to address such situations.

I have achieved a private termination of parental rights without an adoption – this is quite rare – for a young mother who was concerned about her health, where her parents were very involved in the child’s life and the father was completely absent.  Without the termination, it would mean that if the mother passed, the grandparents could easily secure custody of the child and there was no chance that the father would be tempted by the social security to be received by the child’s caretaker too step in after a complete absence from the child’s life for many years.

In the mid-1990s, I was appointed as the Guardian ad Litem for a little boy with two lesbian mothers, one biological and the other not.  There were no reported cases in Missouri like that. I researched the law in other states and found a theory that allowed the Judge to award joint physical custody to the two mothers.

Please take advantage of the vast collection of resources and information gathered for you here.  If you have any comments or suggestions, we would enjoy hearing from you personally by email.  We look forward to working with you.

Leigh Joy Carson
Attorney at Law

Leigh Joy Carson


St. Louis Family Law Attorney

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