With the start of school fast approaching and the uncertainty surrounding what it is going to look like, it is time to remind all parents who do not live together that the school secretary can be your greatest ally when advocating for your student.

Of course, the secretary will return every parent’s calls and respond to every parent’s e-mail, but don’t you want to be a close to the possible of that last as possible?

Here’s the secret:  never, ever put the secretary in the middle by bad mouthing the other parent.  Instead of telling the secretary that the other parent won’t forward the school’s e-mail newsletter no matter how many times you ask, simply tell the secretary that you want to be certain to be on the e-mail list for all of the school communications and ask what the best way to do that would be.

Always be respectful and don’t demand immediate action except in the case of that truly rare absolute emergency.

Be aware of what the secretary can do and what is more effectively handled by someone else at the school or even at the district level.  State your problem without blaming or even naming the other parent. Be clear about what you want to achieve and ask the secretary for direction.

Remember the school secretary or administrative professionals’ day and every once in a while, when you are baking cookies or cutting flowers in your yard.

The school secretary can put another copy of the buzz book in your child’s backpack and run your child’s missing item to their classroom in a timely manner, but your chances of that are greatly increased if you treat them like the gold that they are.