If you feel tempted to design your web site yourself or use a pre-built template, consider these 5 reason why you should hire a web design professional. These tips can save you time and money!

  1. A professional can ensure your web site is optimized to load fast and be visible in a wide range of electronic devices (desktop PC’s, mobile devices, PDA’s, etc.)
  2. Your web site will be designed to focus on having your visitors take specific actions that translate into more money, leads, and follow-up business for you.
  3. A web design professional can help you avoid amateur mistakes that often prevent your web site from being visible by the search engines.
  4. Experienced web designers can get your site up and running faster than you probably can. They’ve spent years building great looking web sites so they know the in’s and outs. It can take you day or weeks just to figure out how to make simple, basic looking web site.
  5. Professional web designers have contacts and relationships with other companies and services that can compliment your web site. Using their expertise can prevent you from getting taken advantage of in the complicated world of technology.

These five tips were contributed by Frank Spohr, owner of Clicked Studios. Clicked Studios is a St. Louis based web design and development company that builds web sites that work.