1. Marital misconduct (yes, dating someone other than your spouse while you are married is misconduct) is a factor to be considered in determining the issues in the divorce like division of property and allocation of debt.

2. If you are spending money or your paramour, expect your bank records and your credit card statements to be subjected to more intense scrutiny than otherwise. This will cost you additional attorney’s fees (bonus: you may also pay fees to your spouse because your bad behavior caused the additional fees).

3. Your paramour may be subpoenaed for a deposition and asked questions not only about the money that you spent or her, but also your sex life. Embarrassing, unpleasant and certainly not required.

4. If you are fighting about your time with your children, the time that you are spending with your paramour (physically or virtually) will be examined and you will be questioned about whether you should have been spending time with your children without your paramour being physically or virtually (can you not go a few hours without texting or talking?) present.

5. Aren’t you just a little classier than that?