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5 Things to think about when your child is with their other parent on Christmas morning:

There is no sugar coating it: it stinks not to be with your child on Christmas morning. So, it’s time to buck up and do the right thing.
It’s time to keep your eye on the prize of helping your child have the best possible Christmas.
1 Coordinate gift giving with the other parent. You don’t need to talk to the other parent in person or on the phone. Text or e-mail what you are getting for the child. If the other parent tells you that he or she already bought the gift that you planned to get (or already bought) thank them and buy something else. When your child plays with that gift and doesn’t even open your gifts, don’t tell the child. It doesn’t matter. Be the bigger person. Be a grown up.
2. Make certain your child has a gift for the other parent. Go to the dollar store and get something tacky and funny.
3. Treat the other parent the way that you want to be treated. If they are late bringing the child home, let it go. Don’t say anything at all. Children have amazing hearing when it is something they are not supposed to hear.
4. Encourage your child to have a good time. Unconditionally. When they come home, ask about what they did at the other house and react positively to the stories. Pretend the child was at your mother’s house, if that helps you to be a grown up.
5. Give your child the greatest gift of all: the unconditional right to love the other parent.