1. The cost of postage is less then what it costs for a standard letter. It is .29 for a 4 ¼ by 6 inch card compared to .44 for a letter, a savings of 15 cents – that is $15 per hundred and $150 per thousand. What would you do with that extra cash?
  2. Postcard text is brief and to the point. A pithy message gets read more readily than a long, breezy one.
  3. Sky is the limit on imagery. Virtually any image may be placed on the front of the card as an attention-grabber. For postcards in my line, I have obtained historic images from both the National Archives and NASA at an affordable cost.
  4. Postcards scream “Look at me!” They break through the mail clutter and stand out.
  5. The best postcards get saved, placed on refrigerators, shown around, etc. This is a great honor to the sender.
  6. They make nice bookmarks.
  7. Straight edges come in handy for underlining germane passages from your favorite novel.
  8. Postcards make ideal mailers for businesses, anything from a reminder of a dental appointment to a coupon at the local frozen custard stand.
  9. Fast turn-around time. Normal shipping is 10 working days after the order is received; expedited shipping can be as soon as 5 working days.

Compiled by Wm. Stage.

Wm. Stage is a journalist, photographer, author and owner of two publishing companies, Cumquat Publishing Co. for pictorial content and Floppinfish Publishing Co. Ltd. For books. He can make postcards for your personal or business needs. Call 314-567-8697 or [email protected].