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A Tutor Tutorial: 3 Tips For Finding The Right Fit

The decision to hire a tutor for your child can be a tough one. Budget and time considerations aside, you’ve got to find someone who will make it all worthwhile for your kid. If you’ve committed your family to the expense and time a tutor arrangement requires, you’re probably wondering how to find the right tutor for the job. Below are three helpful hints to get you started.

1. Use schools as a resource. Look for districts and schools with records and reputations of excellence in your community. It’s likely that there are several teachers and associates who enjoy tutoring and understand curriculum goals for your child’s grade level and needs. Public school employees have completed national background screenings,which may set your mind at ease. These individuals also have the opportunity to ask colleagues for advice with particularly tough academic challenges your child might be experiencing. You’ll be hiring someone with an arsenal of tools at their fingertips. Reach out to a school and ask if they will share your contact information with teachers who also tutor.

2. Be Specific. Once you are in the process of interviewing a tutor, you should be honest and specific about your child’s needs and what you hope tutoring will help her or him achieve. A good tutor will know whether he or she can meet your expectations. This kind of frank discussion will prevent disappointment and miscommunication down the road. A good tutor will use the information you share to assess your situation and come up with an effective plan and realistic goals for your child.

3. Keep your child in mind. As you consider a tutor, think about the kind of person your child will respect, trust, and respond to. A tutor is not a babysitter or a disciplinarian. Ask potential tutors about their interests to see if they coinside with things your child might enjoy. For example, if your child is an avid sports fan, you might look for a tutor who can use her or his own knowledge about sports to help your child make interesting connections to academic work. If your child doesn’t enjoy spending time with a tutor, behavior issues and disengagement may plague costly tutoring sessions. In order to get the best bang for your buck, you should look for a tutor who is able to connect with and make learning fun for your child.

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