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imagesThe Virtual Coffee Break is your place on the web to read and learn more about a variety of legal topics from the comfort of your own office chair. And we've kept each topic concise enough that it can be covered in the time it takes to break for coffee!

Pour yourself a cup and browse the library of short writings from us and our colleagues on a wide variety of legal topics, as well as non-legal articles of interest. While the Carson Law Firm practices family law, we have contacts in virtually every area of law imaginable. The Virtual Coffee Break is a place where we invite these attorneys to share information with you, the reader, on an interesting legal topic related to their professional focus. Not in the mood for legal talk? Don't worry, we have other articles, too!

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        In Missouri, the Department of Health & Senior Services maintains what is called the “Putative Father Registry” where the names and addresses of men who believe they are the father of a child born outside marriage may choose to be listed. Before such a child so identified on the list may be adopted […]

    A therapist’s tips for summer break

    Summer Break Care for Your Child’s Mental Health By Lynette Dixon, PhD, LPC, NCC, CRAADC Summer is that time of year that students have looked forward to forever, starting just after Spring Break.  Children can’t wait until this precious time of year when demands are often lessened and they are free to enjoy the warm […]

    A note of hope for step-mothers

    As a Family law attorney, I often see step-parents, especially step-mothers, struggle to make a meaningful connection with their spouse’s children. In my practice, the most succesful situation that I have seen was where a child refused to eat the healthy food preparted by her step-mother, preferring the snacks anmd processed fo0ds ofered at her […]

    Think your child might want to take a “gap year”? Better address it in court!

    It has become increasingly common for children to take a “gap year” between high school and college or other post high school education. If divorcing or never married parents going through court action do not address that possibility and expressly waive the statutory requirements of enrollment by October 1 following graduation from high school in […]

    St. Louis County where all of the children are not only above average, but exceptional (not) so what does the parent of an ordinary child do

          Based on an article written by Mary Fitzgibbons, Ph.D.     In a recent article in TIME magazine, the author makes the point that today the goal or many parents is to have exceptional children. Today’s parents often expect that all of their children will be accepted to universities that admit only […]

    Thoughts from a Family Therapist Maintaining Balance and Connection in a Busy Family

        Cari McKnight, MSW, LCSW     It always starts with the best of intentions. Your daughter says that she wants to play soccer, so you sign her up at 4 years old.  Starting early, so she doesn’t get left behind. Soon, you sign her up for Girl Scouts – after all, it’s a […]

    It’s Only a Game (and it’s your kid’s game, not yours)

    Participation in sports is one of the healthiest, most beneficial activities children can experience. Through athletics, children learn and hone much needed social skills. Athletes must learn how to strategize to manage anxiety, stress, injury and failure. Children learn how practice and hard work can lead directly to success. Team sports foster the development of […]

    Talking openly and ‘soft belly breathing’ can help kids get through divorce

        By Matthew Nordin, MSW Intern   Going through a divorce or the breakup of a long-term relationship can be excruciating when you have children. For weeks or months – perhaps years – you’ve tried to shield them from all the negativity as you and your partner considered going your separate ways. Or maybe […]

    Summer Break Co-Parenting

    Jennifer Van Luven, MSW, LCSW, CDM   Summer.  One of the most dreaded times for divorced parents as it is challenging to manage child custody arrangements.  The school year is a set parenting schedule, with designated days, times and transitions.  In the summer months, however, that set schedule is not as necessary and does not […]

    Adult Adoptees born in Missouri May Be Able to Access Their Original Birth Certificate

    A person who was born in Missouri and then adopted now may have a way to access their original birth certificate and learn the name of their birth mother and also their biological father, if he is named on the birth certificate.  Beginning January 18, 2018, adult (18 and older) adoptees who were born in […]