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imagesThe Virtual Coffee Break is your place on the web to read and learn more about a variety of legal topics from the comfort of your own office chair. And we've kept each topic concise enough that it can be covered in the time it takes to break for coffee!

Pour yourself a cup and browse the library of short writings from us and our colleagues on a wide variety of legal topics, as well as non-legal articles of interest. While the Carson Law Firm practices family law, we have contacts in virtually every area of law imaginable. The Virtual Coffee Break is a place where we invite these attorneys to share information with you, the reader, on an interesting legal topic related to their professional focus. Not in the mood for legal talk? Don't worry, we have other articles, too!

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  • Parents with disabilities now have possible help in a custody case in St. Louis

      When a parent has a disability and gets into a custody dispute with the other parent or, in the case of an adoption, with the court (I am wheelchair bound and felt extra scrutiny when I adopted my daughter when she was an infant) he or she often fears not having third-party evidence to […]

    Can therapy help people change? A therapist’s perspective

    How Do People Change? Spring, 2018 Mary Fitzgibbons, Ph.D. Why would someone spend money on therapy? It can be costly if you do not have insurance coverage and it can be emotionally painful. Generally, by the time someone makes the effort to find a therapist who they believe and hope that they can trust and […]

    Summer Break Co-Parenting

    Jennifer Van Luven, MSW, LCSW, CDM   Summer.  One of the most dreaded times for divorced parents as it is challenging to manage child custody arrangements.  The school year is a set parenting schedule, with designated days, times and transitions.  In the summer months, however, that set schedule is not as necessary and does not […]

    Stressed out because your ex is not paying for her half of college and now your freshman wants to drop out? These thoughts by a therapist and mother of a college freshman might help

    So, you just finished paying for your part of college and paying your lawyer for filing a contempt against your ex for not paying her half and your son,  a freshman in college three states away, calls and tells you that he wants to drop out.  Welcome to stress city! The following thoughts from a therapist with […]

    Ready to drop off your child at college? Are you sure?

    The clothes and toiletries and room decorations are packed, but does that mean you are ready to send your child to college?  Maybe not.  a  little bit of planning now can save a lot of heartache later.  Due to the current privacy rules, unless your child has signed a HIPPA-compliant release, you will not be […]

    Thought provoking parenting advice from some big-time college coaches

    The New York Times has interviewed a number of respected athletic coaches about what they think makes a child grow up to be successful:  they all agree that the drive for success must  come from the child, not the parent(s).  Read more

    Some tough love from a college coach to kids seeking scholarships (and their parents)

    A college coach reminds us that getting an athletic scholarship is not just about going to college for free and playing a sport you love.  read more …    

    How and when to tell the school that legal proceedings are going on involving the family?

    First and foremost, consult with your attorney about legal documents and information the school may need or require in your legal situation, if any. Your attorney is your first and best resource to discuss your responsibilities regarding your child and school during legal proceedings. Supporting your child’s educational needs and how that will best be […]

    Five Gifts For A College Freshman That Won’t Break The Bank

    Struggling with a holiday gift for a college freshman with tuition and fees for the second semester looming?  Here are five ideas for gifts that aren’t expensive and are sure to please. 1. Cash 2. A care package loaded with treats, with a promise of more to come 3. A gift card to the closest […]

    Corporal Punishment in Schools

      It may surprise some to realize that corporal punishment is legal in Missouri schools. Missouri state law allows corporal punishment, such as spanking, but it also requires that all public school boards produce a written statement on the adopted policy for discipline. So, while corporal punishment is an option, local school boards ultimately have […]