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Pour yourself a cup and browse the library of short writings from us and our colleagues on a wide variety of legal topics, as well as non-legal articles of interest. While the Carson Law Firm practices family law, we have contacts in virtually every area of law imaginable. The Virtual Coffee Break is a place where we invite these attorneys to share information with you, the reader, on an interesting legal topic related to their professional focus. Not in the mood for legal talk? Don't worry, we have other articles, too!

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  • Took on too much in the divorce that you did without a lawyer and now you are in default on your home loan?

    Did you do your own divorce to save money, take on too much debt and now you facing foreclosure?  You do have some options.  go here: 

    Doing your divorce without a lawyer and need to transfer real estate?

    If you are handling your divorce without a lawyer and need to transfer title to real estate, you will need to have a deed signed and filed with the Recorder of Deeds in the county where the property is located.  Most often, the transfer of real property incident to a divorce is done using a quit claim […]

    Materials from Bob Hamilton’s Presentation about Real Estate Commissioners (your guide to being one)

    Presenter: Robert N. Hamilton   USE OF A COMMISSIONER IN FAMILY LAW CASES   WHAT IS A COMMISSIONER See Rule 68-01 Masters and Circuit Courts (attached). For the sale of real estate. Both in state and out of state. To divide personal property. To decide who owns said property (is it marital property or is […]

    The Five Things that Divorce Attorneys Must Know about Bankruptcy

      LLOYD M. NOLAN ATTORNEY AT LAW 225 SOUTH MERAMEC SUITE 512 CLAYTON, MISSOURI 63105 (314) 725-1880 FAX 725-1882 *Licensed in Missouri and Illinois     WHAT THE FAMILY LAW LAWYER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT BANKRUPTCY     The Automatic Stay Upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition, an automatic stay is entered pursuant […]

    How to increase the chances that your family law attorney will return your calls and respond to your e-mails promptly

    1. Pay your bills by return mail or e-mail. If you question a charge, pay the part of the bill with which you have no issue and write a note or an e-mail explaining your issue and proposing a resolution (the questioned item is credited wholly or in part) and the reasoning behind your request. […]

    A Wild Time Before Filing Bankruptcy

    John and his wife, Mary, are faced with the realization that they are going to have to file bankruptcy pretty soon. They’ve been working hard and this unfortunate turn of events doesn’t seem fair. Therefore, they decide to do what they can to minimize (in their misguided minds) the unpleasant effects of filing a bankruptcy. […]

    How do you protect both your children and your current spouse when doing estate planning after a divorce?

    By: Joseph R. Burcke, Esq. The unfortunate fact is that marriage is as much an economic relationship as a romantic one. Marriage creates complex considerations for the determination of what each spouse (and their children) are entitled to receive in the event of divorce, death or disability (those deadly three “D’s”). Particularly for those who […]

    House being sold in the divorce? Here are points you must consider

    Is your house being sold in the divorce? Things to be certain to consider include: Things to include in divorce settlement if you are selling the house: • Agent. • Who pays for repairs/updates to get the house ready to list? • How are the proceeds divided? • Who picks the price? (Agent) • How […]


    Some years are better than others and this one has been truly awful. First, the downturn in the economy caused you and your spouse to incur all sorts of personal debt and your income was reduced to the point where you just can’t meet your obligations. Then it got even worse. Your relationship with your […]

    Will all of our property be divided 50/50 in the divorce?

    Not necessarily. In dividing a couple’s property in a divorce (technically a dissolution of marriage), the judge must first set aside and award to each party what is called his or her separate property. “Separate property” is property that was owned by a party at the time of the marriage or acquired after the marriage […]