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imagesThe Virtual Coffee Break is your place on the web to read and learn more about a variety of legal topics from the comfort of your own office chair. And we've kept each topic concise enough that it can be covered in the time it takes to break for coffee!

Pour yourself a cup and browse the library of short writings from us and our colleagues on a wide variety of legal topics, as well as non-legal articles of interest. While the Carson Law Firm practices family law, we have contacts in virtually every area of law imaginable. The Virtual Coffee Break is a place where we invite these attorneys to share information with you, the reader, on an interesting legal topic related to their professional focus. Not in the mood for legal talk? Don't worry, we have other articles, too!

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  • It’s Only a Game (and it’s your kid’s game, not yours)

    Participation in sports is one of the healthiest, most beneficial activities children can experience. Through athletics, children learn and hone much needed social skills. Athletes must learn how to strategize to manage anxiety, stress, injury and failure. Children learn how practice and hard work can lead directly to success. Team sports foster the development of […]

    How to increase the chances that your family law attorney will return your calls and respond to your e-mails promptly

    1. Pay your bills by return mail or e-mail. If you question a charge, pay the part of the bill with which you have no issue and write a note or an e-mail explaining your issue and proposing a resolution (the questioned item is credited wholly or in part) and the reasoning behind your request. […]

    Looking for free concerts in St. Louis?

    Looking for free concerts in and around St. Louis?  This website is sort of clunky but it has the information you need.

    Thrift Store Shopping!

    Commitment to shop resale in 2013? Here are 5 things you should know   1. Understand the different kinds of resale outlets there are and which type is most likely to meet your needs,   Consignment stores involve the owner of an object giving it to the store to sell. As there are two parties […]

    Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tips

    Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em!               Texas Hold ‘Em Poker has become a very popular game in the last few years.   However, it has been around for a long time.  The basics of  the game start with two cards being dealt face down to the […]