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imagesThe Virtual Coffee Break is your place on the web to read and learn more about a variety of legal topics from the comfort of your own office chair. And we've kept each topic concise enough that it can be covered in the time it takes to break for coffee!

Pour yourself a cup and browse the library of short writings from us and our colleagues on a wide variety of legal topics, as well as non-legal articles of interest. While the Carson Law Firm practices family law, we have contacts in virtually every area of law imaginable. The Virtual Coffee Break is a place where we invite these attorneys to share information with you, the reader, on an interesting legal topic related to their professional focus. Not in the mood for legal talk? Don't worry, we have other articles, too!

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  • Thoughts from a Family Therapist Maintaining Balance and Connection in a Busy Family

        Cari McKnight, MSW, LCSW     It always starts with the best of intentions. Your daughter says that she wants to play soccer, so you sign her up at 4 years old.  Starting early, so she doesn’t get left behind. Soon, you sign her up for Girl Scouts – after all, it’s a […]

    Summer Break Co-Parenting

    Jennifer Van Luven, MSW, LCSW, CDM   Summer.  One of the most dreaded times for divorced parents as it is challenging to manage child custody arrangements.  The school year is a set parenting schedule, with designated days, times and transitions.  In the summer months, however, that set schedule is not as necessary and does not […]

    Your Personal Inflation Rate

      When the government reports on inflation rates, the numbers can sometimes seem disconnected from everyday life.  In part that may be due to the fact that “core inflation” rates exclude volatile items, such as food and fuel, in order to present a steady picture from month to month.  Another factor is that inflation includes […]

    The Power of Words

      As attorneys, we all – some of us secretly – think of ourselves as wordsmiths. While we are, as a whole, adept with words, both written and spoken, we also far too often fail to remember to use those words. Or to listen to those words. I was recently reminded of this when I […]