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Baby Momma is spending child support on herself and not the kids – what can I do?

Realistically, so long as the children have a safe place to stay, clothes on their backs, shoes on their feet and food to eat, not much.

Child support is not intended to be used just for things that are only for the child like clothing, shoes and entertainment, it is also to be a contribution to the cost of housing and utilities and transportation.

There is an obscure law in Missouri that allows the parent paying child support to petition the court to order the parent receiving support to provide a regular summary of expenses paid for the child to the parent paying support.

The Judge must find “good cause” for ordering such a summary, and that phrase is not defined in the law.

If children are without appropriate clothing, food or shelter, perhaps a motion to transfer custody makes more sense than a Petition for an Accounting. Such Petitions are rare and the Judge may view such a Petition as gamesmanship.