Child Visitation Rights in Missouri


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Child Visitation in Missouri 


Child visitation rights allow parents to spend time legally with their children when they’re not living together. These rights allow a child to have a relationship with a parent, especially when the other parent has been granted sole physical custody.

So, if you recently discovered you have a child or if you have not been allowed to see your child, one of the first things you should do is consult a child custody lawyer to determine your options.

Who Can Get Visitation Rights in Missouri?

Generally, Missouri law does not favor one parent over the other in child custody matters. Both parents may be entitled to sole custody, joint physical custody, or joint legal custody, depending on the interests of the child. In deciding custody, the court considers what is best for the mental and physical health of the child and makes its order on that basis.

If the court decides that in the circumstances, granting sole physical custody to one parent would be best for the child, the court may grant the other parent visitation rights. But if the non-custodial parent has committed domestic violence or child abuse, it may be impossible for them to obtain a visitation order.

Missouri law also recognizes Grandparent visitation rights in some instances where such contact would benefit the child.

How to Get Visitation Rights for Your Child in Missouri

If you’ve been unreasonably denied visitation and you’d like to get a court order that allows you to visit your child, you can petition the court by completing the necessary forms.

You may need to provide information about why you want the court to grant reasonable visitation rights to support your petition.

As you seek visitation rights, remember that you may be ordered to pay child support. A St. Louis County, child support attorney can help you with any negotiations in this area.

A visitation schedule/order under Missouri custody laws is required to be ‘reasonable.’ This can be assessed by whether:

    • It is fair to both parents.
    • It is convenient for the child.
    • It is flexible and changeable.

    If you feel short-changed or if the current visitation schedule doesn’t work for you, you could consider seeking a modification in court.


    How to Modify Custody and Visitation Orders

    Visitation rights are not set in stone. They can be changed or updated if previously unknown facts come to light or if the interest of the child demands such a change. For instance, a change in circumstances of the custodial parent, such as an out-of-state relocation, could be a reason to seek a modification.

    In such an instance, you may need to seek out a Missouri child custody relocation attorney to evaluate your options and take legal action.

      Child Visitation in Complicated Cases

      It might be possible to get legal permission to see your child and build a relationship with them if you have trouble with Missouri child custody laws. The Carson Law Firm might be able to assist you.

      Although it can be challenging when neglect or abuse is alleged, we can assist you in reestablishing contact with your child, even if it is supervised or virtual. 


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