The best clients are former clients. You did something right to make them come back. Oftentimes, that something right is really that you made them take ownership of you. That is a rather odd way to phrase it, but you made them perceive you as “theirs”-their lawyer, their doctor, their caterer, and so on. How do you achieve this coveted status? Doing a good job is essential, but beyond that, it requires a personal touch.

To cross the threshold into “ownership” territory, you really need to make your client like you and feel invested in your business. Hairdressers are pros at this-the best hairdresser is sure not just to get your style right, but to engage you in conversation so you walk away pleased with your haircut, the experience, and yes-them.

Do you take the time to talk to your clients, know their names, or ask after their children? Make it your goal this week. It takes slightly more effort on your part, but will help put you earn their loyalty.