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Eleven reasons to be Happy that it is Fall in St. Louis (even though it still feels like summer)

1. The Cardinals are in the hunt and play-off tickets are on sale.

2. Time to get the big wool sweaters out.

3. Pumpkin beer is here.

4. Your town published the leaf pick-up schedule.

5. Pumpkin lattes are here.

6. You’ve made reservations to fly to be with family for Thanksgiving.

7. The local dry cleaners has a special price for cleaning Uggs.

8. You start a secret note on your phone with Christmas ideas for the kids.

9. The Hudson Bay blanket is out of the closet.

10. Thanksgiving Blend beans are here.

11. Soon you will be able to take a walk with someone you love and listen to the dry leaves dance across the pavement and realize (again) that the real conversation is between the words.