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Feeling Broke Now that the Divorce is Finally Over?

Sick of advice like “don’t go to Starbucks every day” because you don’t?

Or tips like “bring lunch from home every day” because that just won’t happen?

Relax and remember this old adage from good old Benjamin Franklin (remember him? The guy with the key at the end of the kite string during a thunderstorm? He had some good ideas). If you watch the pennies, the dollars will watch themselves.

Try to do little things. Forego coffee anywhere that has a barista once a month and work up to skipping coffee out once a week.

When you do go the Starbucks, bring your own tumbler and get 10 cents off.

Another easy way to save 10 cents is to bring a reusable grocery bag to Target.

Bring your lunch once a week and find a brown bag lunch buddy. Wash out the plastic zipper slide bag you put your chips in (you’re not still buying the individually packaged snacks are you?).

It simply isn’t possible for most people to impose draconian spending limits on themselves. Inch by inch, baby steps will make a difference. Really.