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Five Rules Every Teenager Must Follow When Dealing with the Police

1. Be polite. Very polite. This is definitely the time for “yes, sir” and “no, ma’am.”

2. Don’ t brag about your mother (or your father) the lawyer or your neighbor the judge.

3. If you might have done something wrong (like letting your friend bring a fifth of Jack Daniels or a six-pack of Bud Light in your car) don’t try to explain. Keep your mouth shut.

4. When the police start asking questions, tell them that you want your parents and a lawyer present when they are asking questions. Do not try to educate the police on the law. Do not try to convince the police that you are right and they are wrong. There will be time for that later, if necessary.

5. You’ve and heard it a million times: you have the right to remain silent. After greeting the officers and asking that your parents and a lawyer be present while you are questioned, be silent.

These are general suggestions, and not intended to constitute legal advice for specific situations.

The information above was based on information from Bradley S. Dede, a prominent criminal defense attorney who practices throughout Eastern Missouri. He may be reached at (314) 725-9700.