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Four Tips for Keeping the Fees Down in Your Case

1. When you meet or talk by phone with your attorney, listen and take notes.

2. Ask questions to clarify what your attorney has told you as soon as you can. It might work better for you to e-mail your attorney. That way you can draft the e-mail and come back to it to make certain that your questions are clear and that you have included all of your questions. Another money saving practice is to write your questions down before you call or visit with your attorney.

3. Do what is asked of you. There are a lot of rules that may seem silly to you (and maybe to your attorney too) but not taking the required parenting class or gathering the required documents just means the attorney or the paralegal has to follow up with you and we charge for our time. Period.

4. Remember that your attorney is not your therapist. A trained mental health professional will be more effective and probably be less expensive. And while there is is some possibility that (just as with any debt incurred during the marriage, including attorney’s fees your spouse will be ordered to contribute to the therapy bill.