Twitter can be an effective way to market yourself to others, but only if you can get them to your page. The best way to have others read your twitter page is to get them to “follow” you. Here are a few tips to help:

Follow others! This tip will meet with the most success in getting others to follow you. Unlike other sites where you become “friends”, on twitter, each person must opt to “follow” the other’s page. It’s common etiquette that if you follow someone, they in turn will follow you. (note: if someone follows you first, you should take the time to go to their page and select the option to follow them).
Enhance your profile. While it is most likely that your friends will follow you at first, you want to reach out to a wider circle of people. On twitter, users can search for keywords to locate pages of others that contain those terms. Personalize the information on your page so others can find you if they run such a search.
Spread the word. Twitter is one of the newest social media sensations, and many people are still in the process of joining. Make sure others know they can find you on twitter: create postcards, put links on your email signature or v-card, put your twitter username on your facebook page, etc.