In the world of marketing it’s all about networking. Internet social networking sites are a great (and free!) way to reach hundreds if not thousands of people. Our past MMM articles have shown you how to create pages for yourself on facebook and twitter. Now we move on to the third, more “grown-up” social networking site: LinkedIn.

Reasons You Should Like Using LinkedIn:
1. It’s a social networking site that’s specifically for professionals-as its website boasts, it is the world’s largest professional network on the internet, with over 90 million users and counting.
2. It has all sorts of cool features: pose questions on their questions page and get answers from other professionals from around the world, connect with colleagues and acquaintances to stay in touch, get help finding a job or filling one, the list is endless…
3. You can use it for free…what’s not to like about that? It certainly can’t hurt to get yourself on LinkedIn.

Sign yourself up today!
1. Go to
2. Type in your information in the box on the top right that says “Join LinkedIn Today”
3. Follow the rest of the steps as they appear on your screen-they’re self-explanatory. 4. You’re done! Like most other internet social networking sites, LinkedIn is only as useful as you make it. More tips to follow in the upcoming weeks on how to make use of your new LinkedIn account.