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Legal Description of Property in St. Louis County

In every dissolution of marriage (divorce) action in St. Louis County, local court rules require that the legal description of real property be filed with the court. The legal description is found on the Deed or the Deed of Trust.

Even the smallest error in the legal description on a deed transferring property as part of a divorce or in a judgment (divorce or legal separation) can cause significant problems and be costly and time consuming to fix.

A copy of the Deed or Deed of Trust may be obtained at the office of the Recorder of Deeds in Clayton in the St. Louis County Government Building at 41 S. Central, 4th Floor. Copies cost $2.00 per page.

An alternative way to get the legal description is on-line. Go to and follow the instructions to obtain a copy of the deed for property in St. Louis County. Each search costs $5.95 and each printed copy costs $0.50 per page. Mastercard and Visa are accepted.