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Looking for Inexpensive – or even Free – office furniture or fixtures?

Everyone knows about used office furniture stores (in St. Louis, Warehouse of Fixtures is one of the best) and about, but here are two places you may not have thought to look: (formerly freecycle): this is a community bulletin board where members offer various items for free that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The majority of the items are household or personal items, but file cabinets and desks appear on a regular basis. Once you have offered an item of any kind on the List, you are entitled to solicit something. The item offered does not have to be the same type of thing as the wanted item (e.g., you may offer a sofa and post a wanted for file cabinets). is where the government gets rid of unwanted property. The offerings vary widely, so check back often. These items are sold pursuant to online auctions and you can limit your search by type of item and geography.