In Missouri, the starting point for the amount of child support that will be paid begins with a calculation of the presumed amount of child support calculated using the Form 14. The Form 14 is periodically modified and the most recent iteration of the Form 14, use of which is mandatory after November 4, 2021 clarifies one area of great dispute in recent years.

Line 2(c) of the chart, as part of the calculation of the presumed amount of support, operates to reduce the gross income of either parent’s monthly obligation for so-called other children (meaning those not of both of the parents for whom the presumed amount of child support is being calculated). Whereas in the past it was fertile ground for argument as to whether the 2(c) credit would apply depending on who filed to modify the child support first, the comments on use for the Form 14 effective November 4, 2021 now make clear that the paying parent in an action in which modification of child support is requested may utilize the line 2(c) credit unless doing so will result in a reduction of the original child support amount ordered.

The importance of the change is that it is now clear that a parent who has had children since the establishment of the original child support order may be able to defend against a request to increase child support.

Another important clarification relates to Line 11 of Form 14. Line 11 is a credit against the total presumed amount of child support to be paid for overnights spent by the children with the parent obligated to pay child support. The November 4, 2021 Form 14 contains the same explanations about how fixed expenses and variable expenses relating to the children and by hom those expenses are paid are the basis for the overnight credit in Line 11, but further contains a clarifying comment that where no overnight custody or visitation has been ordered with a child over 18, specifically stating that the line 11 credit may be applied “when circumstances would support an adjustment for periods [of] overnight time spent with the [obligated] parent.”

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