1. Remember that children can only be as happy as their least happy parent.
  2. So long as they are not abusive to your children, accept the bonus mom or bonus dad in your children’s lives.
  3. Keep lines of communication open.
  4. Be honest and respectful of the other parent.
  5. If you can’t communicate in person or on the phone, use Talking Parents or Our Family Wizard, email based tools that are easier to follow if you end up in court as opposed to screen shots of texts.
  6. Both parties contribute to a failure to effectively communicate – if the other parent will not participate in co-parent therapy, get some help yourself. Mindy Skaggs at Right Solutions has been a terrific resource for my clients.
  7. If the other parent is interested in more effectively co-parenting, Kids in the Middle has been helping families in that position for decades, and they have a sliding fees scale.
  8. If you are at your wit’s end and have decided that co-parenting cannot work, get professional assistance with developing a parallel parenting situation. Jennifer Webbe-Van Luven has been remarkable in these situations.
  9. Do not let money get in the way. Imagine that the other parent as a customer of your business, and treat them accordingly.