When a parent has a disability and gets into a custody dispute with the other parent or, in the case of an adoption, with the court (I am wheelchair bound and felt extra scrutiny when I adopted my daughter when she was an infant) he or she often fears not having third-party evidence to present to the court. This is a valid concern, as the parent, family or friends may not be credible witnesses.


A parent with a disability in the St. Louis metropolitan area have a potential ally in Carla Walker of The Washington University Occupational Therapy Clinic. Carla can assess the situation and provide an unbiased opinion to the court regarding the extent of impairment of parenting ability caused by the disabilities and how those impairments may be addressed,


A parent with a disability may also seek an assessment in advance of litigation or even with no actual or anticipated litigation, but to potentially improve their parenting.


Carla Walker may be reached at 314-273-7011 or [email protected]. More information about Walker, her website is otservices.wustl.edu.