Having a conviction expunged in Missouri means that legally the conviction never happened. You do not violate the law by failing to reveal an expunged conviction for non-support on a job application, and an expunged conviction will not appear on a background check.

There is a specific law in Missouri that addresses the expungement of both misdemeanor and felony non-support convictions.

Section 548.640 (3)(a) (RSMo.) provides that if the following conditions have been satisfied, the judge shall order expungement of the conviction:

  1. The applicant has not been convicted of or plead guilty to any subsequent offense that is not subject to expungement;
  2. All support arrearages have been paid;
  3. No actions are pending regarding any children subject to an order or child support;
  4. There has been no prior expungement of a prior conviction for failure to support.

It is important to note that the request for expungement of a non-support conviction under Chapter 548. The requirements are different and judges are not receptive to requests pursuant to the incorrect statute. Also, Chapter 548 does not require waiting a certain number of years after the conviction to request expungement.