It is imperative that legal documents are read carefully before they are signed and presented to the Judge for approval.
A Missouri physician found that out recently and his failure to read and understand will cost him more than $1.5 million.
Dr. Robert Simpson agreed to pay his ex-wife maintenance for 15 years, with the maintenance to end only on the death of either party. Missouri law provides that unless otherwise specified, maintenance will terminate either on the death of either party OR the remarriage of the party receiving maintenance. As Dr. Simpson and his ex-wife specifically agreed that maintenance would end only upon the death of either party, her remarriage did not terminate the maintenance.
This is an important reminder that the law is not necessarily logical and it is not always fair. Family law is full of traps for the unwary and uneducated. There are benefits to hiring an attorney with experience in family law rather than the lawyer who did your traffic ticket or your will. Knowledge is power.