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Relocation is the type of custody situation that parents often don’t imagine dealing with until it becomes a reality.  In most divorce cases, the parent without custody still wants to be active in the child’s life.  When the parent with custody decides to move out of Missouri or the St. Louis area, it becomes a lot more difficult.


The Carson Law Firm understands that relocation is a difficult issue, no matter which side of the case you are on.  If you don’t have custody, you feel like a very important part of your life is being taken away, and know that your children deserve to have you in their life.  If you are the parent with custody, your move could mean a better job or living arrangement, which in turn would also be better for your children. 


Smooth child custody cases can easily turn difficult and painful when relocation is added to the mix.  If you are a divorced parent who is planning to relocate, call The Carson Law Firm for experienced legal advice on your options and alternatives.  If your child’s custodial parent is planning to relocate with your children, The Carson Law Firm will work with you to develop a plan to protect your rights as a parent.