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Representing yourself in court (acting pro se)? Here are 5 things you must know

1. Dress appropriately. A woman doesn’t have to wear a dress or a skirt and blazer and men don’t have to wear a suit or a coat and tie, but no jeans and no t-shirts.

2. Be respectful to the person at the desk at the side of the courtroom that is probably the bailiff, the person in charge of keeping order in the courtroom.

3. Be respectful, too, of the person at the desk on the side of the Judge’s bench. That is probably the clerk.

4. Most of all, be respectful of the judge. Always. Do not interrupt. Even if the Judge says something completely false, wait your turn.

5. Remember that the Judge will treat you as if you know the rules of court and the law. If you don’t, the judge won’t and can’t answer your questions. Do your research before you get to court.