1. Make it Easy to Remember – Make it easy to remember, something they want to brand in their memory and possibly even repeat to others.
  2. Why should the consumer remember your product? – Your slogan must contain a key benefit of the product or service. Give them a reason to remember it.
  3. Differentiate Your Brand – Make your brand stand out from other brands.
  4. Make it all Come Together! – Make your Brand go full circle. Make sure everything flows.
  5. Rhythm and Rhyme – Create rhythm and rhyme. Does it have a ring to it? The rhythm of your slogan will help stick in the minds of the consumers.
  6. You’ve Got…That Warm/Fuzzy Feeling Does your slogan leave people feeling warm and fuzzy? Does it make people laugh? A slogan is more likely to stay in the minds of others if it gives a positive feeling or emotion.