In a word, nothing. The Judge will not be interested in a tale of woe about children’s clothes.

Each parent should have a set of clothes for the child. However, that is not something the court can help you with if you have a problem.

Consider sending the child in the clothes he came home in and not sending extra clothes to wear over the visitation period.

If you have always sent extra clothes, you should give notice in advance of your intent to no longer do so.

This is not your child’s issue or business. If he wants to wear a specific pair of pajamas at his father’s house, try telling him that he has other, special pajamas at his father’s house. If he insists on taking the pajamas to his father’s house, consider just sending them. Depending on the age and maturity of the child, it may be appropriate to explain that if the pajamas don’t come back, they will not be replaced.

Think about what the child wears to visitation. If you really want it back, don’t send it.

If the child expresses a desire to have the clothing back at your house, consider the child’s age and maturity before you tell the child that it is his responsibility to get the clothing back.

Your son’s baby daddy may never dress him as stylishly as you do. As long as the shoes and clothes are not so big or so small as to impede movement or create a safety risk, get over it.