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St. Louis Divorce: The Basics
In this free 15 page guide, you will learn answers to important questions you may be asking before starting the divorce process in St. Louis.

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The Carson Law Firm has developed a strong reputation with clients for St. Louis divorce assistance.  Divorce is never easy.  It is a major, life-changing event that carries a lot of emotional weight.  Even in situations where both parties have decided mutually that divorce is the best option, it is often a decision that follows years of effort to make things work.  When they don’t, it is a hard reality to face.  There is more to the process of a St. Louis divorce than most couples realize.  This is a decision that will affect your life as much as, or more than your original decision to marry, especially if children are involved.At a time like this, it is absolutely essential to align yourself with a qualified St. Louis divorce lawyer who has the experience and sensitivity to recognize your case as individual, and tailor a plan to help you through it.  Even if you and your spouse are making every effort to work together, there are a lot of legal hoops to jump through, and there may be something you are overlooking.  Here is just a sample of the complex issues you will need to sort out:

·        Division of assets

·        Division of debt

·        Child custody

·        Child support

·        Grounds for Divorce

·        Maintenance (alimony)

·        Counseling

·        The Legal Process

·        Appeals

·        Emotional and mental stress

The Carson Law Firm has logged extensive experience helping St. Louis families through the process of divorce.  We are sensitive to your needs during this difficult time, and we are committed to helping you through it.