Motion to Modify Child Support Missouri: What You Need to Know

A motion to modify child support in Missouri is a form used to revise the original parenting plan ordered by the court as your family’s circumstances change. Learn more here.

Understanding Motion to Modify Child Support Missouri


If you need to file a motion to modify your child support with your ex-spouse, you should obtain legal advice from a qualified family law office. Many factors can affect the elements that a court would consider when modifying the conditions. To get the best advice, you should phone an attorney from The Carson Law Firm for professional legal services.

A family law office can offer guidance for child custody and support for substantial and continuing help properly caring for your children either in a primary role or in a joint parenting situation after a divorce.


Modifying Your Child Support After a Substantial Change

The attorneys at The Carson Law Firm realize time changes things. The parental decisions made were appropriate for your life and family at the time, and now they may need to be altered. Regardless of which side you are on in the case, The Carson Law Firm has the experience to represent you through modification. If you are seeking to modify a divorce settlement, you can call on us to prepare and present your case for modification.

If your former spouse is filing for modification, turn to The Carson Law Firm to protect your livelihood and preserve the original judgment. We offer high-quality representation because we are on your side when you need to modify Missouri child support.

Motion to Modify Child Support Missouri Form

When you file a motion to modify child support a Missouri form in St Louis, you can probably think back 5, 10, or 20 years and identify the changes in your life that have affected the values and principles you held. This principle of change is also relevant in a divorce settlement and child custody. It is addressed with a legal process known as a modification.

Sometimes, families outgrow the arrangements initially made at the time of divorce. Perhaps child support also served the purpose of alimony, but the children are now grown. Maybe the home environment that you agreed to allow your children to be raised in has changed, and you’re concerned about their safety. Perhaps you had to relocate the family or decided to pay for their schooling.

Perhaps you’ve had a career change, and the previously established hours of custody and visitation no longer work with your schedule. Although you could work through these changes amicably between yourselves in a perfect world, strong feelings sometimes remain, making it complicated. Usually, legal advocacy and the courts are called in to decide on how to modify the original parental plan.

Retaining the Services of a Professional Law Firm When You Want to Modify Child Support

When dealing with child support modification in the Missouri courts due to a substantial change in financial needs, you may need to renegotiate whether you are paying child support or wanting additional parenting time. A local family law attorney can advise you when you have a change in circumstances. Call The Carson Law Firm now.

How to File a Motion to Modify Child Support

When you need to know how to file a motion to modify your Missouri child support order for any of a variety of family or income-related factors, you require a local law firm to provide the experience and skill you need in court.

Substantial and continuing child support can be modified due to a change in circumstances, including the following examples:

  • Child’s age
  • Child’s health and physical abilities
  • Custody changes
  • Parent’s income
  • Parenting time and visitation changes
  • School costs

Many Missouri child support regulations require evidence regarding whether there is a financial hardship upon either parent and the number of children involved.

When taking your case to court, the burden of proof is the responsibility of the person who files the motion. A judge will take all factors into consideration when deciding how support should be modified. Seek a reputable lawyer for assistance proving your case for a favorable outcome.

When You Need to Modify Child Support Missouri


To modify a child support order in Missouri, you should contact an attorney in St. Louis who is familiar with the state’s divorce and support laws. If you want to get the child support increased or reduced, according to child support guidelines, the non-custodial parent is obligated to help pay for the child’s upkeep.

Often parents hesitate to modify child support orders in St. Louis and elsewhere in the state of Missouri. Unfortunately, as prices fluctuate with the economy and the needs of the children change, it may become necessary to request changes to the parental plans. The Missouri courts strive to protect a child’s and parent’s rights in a child custody case.

Clients should hire a reputable attorney knowledgeable of family law to help negotiate a new agreement before presenting their case to the judge.

Filing a Motion for Child Support Modification

When there is a motion for a child support modification, the court may consider the request unreasonable based on the original agreement and the resources available for maintenance for that child support. In addition, the judge will consider the financial needs and health of the child, as well as the income of each ex-spouse.

Missouri attorneys will take an assessment of the parent’s income, as well as the needs of the children, to develop a successful parenting plan to modify child support in Missouri.


Seek a Professional Law Firm When Modifying Your Parental Arrangements

Parents want to do what is right for their children, and that means financially supporting them. As children age, their needs change, and support arrangements should be modified. Plus, as time passes, expenses increase. It becomes more expensive to raise one’s child.

As you search for a reputable law firm to represent your case when you want a modification of child support, you want the best representation when you go before the judge in Missouri, and at The Carson Law Firm, you will find exactly that. If you are interested in becoming a client of our law firm and receiving quality representation as you navigate the process of modifying child support in Missouri, contact us by phone or through our site to request a consultation. We look forward to assisting you!