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The Top 5 Ways to Deal with Debt Collectors

By Stacey L. Meinen


1. Request Verification of the Debt They are Trying to Collect

If you notify the debt collector, in writing, within thirty days of their first communication with you they are required to verify the debt.

2. Keep a Written Record of Their Contacts With You

We all know debt collectors can be very unpleasant to deal with. Keeping a written record of their contacts with you, including how often they called, what they said, who they talked to, etc., is your way of collecting potentially damaging evidence against them. Most times the person you are talking to is not a lawyer, even if they claim to be calling from a law firm, and often times make statements that violate federal and/or state law.

3. Do Not Get Scared and Agree to Pay

Many debt collectors will harass you until you get scared or get tired of dealing with them, give in and agree to pay. Make them prove you owe them! Most times they are not able to prove that you owe them a dime!

4. Do Not Ignore Court Dates

If a lawsuit has been filed against you do NOT ignore the court date! If you do not appear in court, after you have been served with the lawsuit, the debt collector automatically wins! They don’t have to prove a thing because your not being there gives them a free pass!

5. Get a Lawyer

The area of law that deals with these types of matters is complex and no one expects you to know the law! That is why the debt collectors get away with so much. Hire a lawyer who knows this area of law. You would be surprised how affordable lawyers who handle these cases are. A lawyer who handles these cases, consumer defense cases, can often times get the case dismissed in court without you paying the debt collector anything.

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