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Thrift Store Shopping!

Commitment to shop resale in 2013? Here are 5 things you should know


1. Understand the different kinds of resale outlets there are and which type is most likely to meet your needs,


Consignment stores involve the owner of an object giving it to the store to sell. As there are two parties seeking to profit from the sale, the prices tend to be higher and the quality better.  These stores tend to have limited categories of merchandise (e.g., formal evening wear or professional clothing).


Thrift stores vary greatly in pricing, quality of merchandise and selection.


2.   Whatever you are looking for, take your time and examine the item carefully.  If you are shopping for clothing at a thrift store, look at the item in good, strong light and look at all of it for stains, discoloration, tears, missing buttons or zippers that don’t work.


3.  Stop the magical thinking before it starts: you won’t go through your grandmother’s button box to find the perfect replacement button and sew it on.  You won’t do it.  No matter how good of a deal it is, put it down and walk away.  You won’t spend the next 6 Sunday afternoons to strip the 5 layers of old paint to reveal that adorable rocking chair underneath.  Put it down and pick another present or go to Target.


4.  The first time you go to a store, plan to go up and down each of the aisles and look at what is there. Going to a good thrift store for the first time is exhilarating – it’s all so cheap! It’s all so good! It’s all so cheap!  Do not buy anything! This is a reconnaissance mission, not a buying mission.  Find out when the sales (all green tags 50% off) and promotions (end of the season – fill a bag for $5) are. If there is a mailing list, sign up.


5. Before you go to a consignment store go on line or go to a mall so you know what is out there new and what it costs.


Remember: the idea is to buy things you need for less, not just buy bargains.


Happy thrift-store shopping!