Choosing a print marketing plan can be can be a daunting task. Numerous appointments with advertising sales people may leave you opting for the publication with the best rate or seemingly good deal. The trap here is advertising dollars spent and bang for the buck have nothing to do with one another.

Print advertising needs to be choosen carefully by asking several questions which will let you know exactly who you will be targeting as your audience how many potential clients will you reach. Here are questions you should ask.

Demographic- What are the reader’s interested in? What does the reader spend money on?
Avg. Household income- What is the medium income of your reader? Disposable income is important.
Avg. Age- What age bracket are you hitting? Teenagers or seniors? A wide age range gives you the biggest bang for your buck.
Shelf Life- Is your publication kept and read or tossed to the recycle bin after lunch.
Circulation- How many publications are distributed and where? Low circulation equals low readership.
Cost per thousand- What is the cost of an ad per issues distributed in the market?
Think Local- Supporting and using independently owned publications means you are investing in your local community which in turn supports you!

Target your marketing outside of the box, think forward. Are you reaching a new demographic or placing your ads amounst pages and pages of like businesses. Let yourself standout by hanging your advertisments where your target market hangs out.

Jill George

Sauce Magazine and