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Why You Really Need Medpay Coverage on Your Vehicle


Medical Payments (Medpay) is coverage under your vehicle insurance that will pay your medical bills in the event of a vehicular accident.


This pays for reasonable medical treatment from a collision, regardless of fault!


Missouri law does not require Medpay coverage in your policy; however, it is an option that you should choose with all of your vehicle insurance policies.





Ask your insurance agent to add Medpay coverage to your present vehicle insurance.  You probably want to choose at least $2,000 for your coverage limit, as even with a minor accident, the emergency room visit and the x-rays can easily cost $2,000.  If there is any follow-up treatment, the cost can easily go to $5,000.


Call your agent and request a review of your policy to see if you have Medpay and if not, add it.  The review should be free.                               


Remember, we cannot give you legal advice on your particular situation.  Call your agent and see how your insurance company handles Medpay and to discuss all of your options.


The Carson Law Firm thanks the law firm of Lester & Associates for this information.  Patric Lester and his associates are accident and injury lawyers and handle all types of personal injury cases (car accidents, products liability, worker’s compensation, slip-and-fall and wrongful death.  For more information about them or what they do, please visit their website at