Blogging is the new way for you to put your ideas in front of others on the internet. Millions of people get on the internet every day to write (aka “blog”) about their thoughts and opinions. There are many sites where you can blog for free, or you can even blog from your business website. It’s a great way to let your personality shine through and to get your message out to others. You don’t have to write the next great American article. Keep your blogs short, smart, personal, or funny, but make sure that your readers walk away feeling that they got to know you that much more. They will remember who you are and they may just be the next client that walks in your door.

Don’t have a site to blog on yet? You may already. You can write blogs on the following sites: (okay, they may not call it a blog, but you can write a “note” that is the equivalent) (they’re short and sweet, but those tweets amount to blogs)

Don’t think you are up to a blog all on your own? Write something for another business owner’s blog. They will appreciate the help and it can be a great way to promote yourself. (Send us your articles to [email protected])